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Metal Outdoor Smoking Shelters

We offer you a complete service for a reasonable price.

Design - Fabricate - Paint - Delivery - Install

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If you have a requirement for an outdoor smoking shelter, for your pub or business, we can provide you with a suitable shelter. We have many designs available for you to choose from, traditional and modern. Or if you already have a design idea of your own, we would be more than happy to discuss the design with you. Our shelters are tailored to fit your premises, which means that no space is wasted on something that's either too small or too large. You'll get a purpose built shelter that exactly fits the space.

Our shelters are designed to be sturdy and we utilise quality materials during construction, this ensures the product will provide many years of service. The designs are also flexible in the materials used, for example, with many of the designs we can offer different roof finishes; Metal, Polycarbonate or Asphalt Shingles. It all depends on the finish look you are after. We can also supply the shelter in any colour you require, ensuring that it blends in with your property.

We can paint and install the shelter as required, or to help save you money, we can just fabricate the shelter for you and leave you to paint and install the shelter yourself, it's your choice.

------ All shelters are designed to be in accordance with smoking regulations ------

Below are just some of the designs we can provide. To view larger images of designs please click on image.

The Shed   The Dome   The Pavilion    
Compound roof structure of
metal or Perspex sheets,
supported by round tubing with
lower wind break panels.
Rolled metal or formed Perspex sheets, to form dome roof.
Roof supported by metal
box section frame.
Traditional design shelter that would grace any beer garden. Supplied with rails and ornamental decorations. As previous Pavilion design, but
with a range of roof finishes.
Such as plywood & shingle tiles
or metal galvanized sheets, etc.

To discuss your shelter requirements - please contact us.

Below are some fabrication and installation images from a recent supplied 5.5m x 3.5m Pavilion shelter with added porch.
Please click to enlarge any image.


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